Našice is first mentioned in 1229, and the secular lords were Abas, David Lacković, Ivan Korvin, Ivan and Nikola Gorjanski and Dukes of Ilok (Ujlaky). The ecclesiastical rulers were the Knights Templar, Knights Hospitaller and Franciscan friars. During the 16th and 17th century, Našice was under Turkish occupation. Exactly 230 years ago, Našice estate was bought by the House of Pejačević (Croatian noble family), which owned Našice estate until 1945.

In Našice you should visit St. Anthony of Padua church, Franciscan monastery library, which is of great scientific importance since it holds 10 incunabula, the old mansion of Count Pejačević built in 1811, the new mansion of Count Pejačević built in 1907, which mimics the Potsdam mansion Sanssouci and the mausoleum and chapel of Counts Pejačević, both built in 1811, where the grave of Countess Dora lies. Let us remember who Dora is. Countess Dora Pejačević received her education in Dresden and Munich and she showed exceptional musical talent at an early age. She studied violin and piano and during her short life she became the first Croatian female composer, whose music has been played around the world. Pejačević mansion, the birthplace of two Croatian bans, today holds a county museum with rooms dedicated to important individuals from Našice region, an ethnographic collection and a special pottery section. It is surrounded by a park that has many autochthonous and exotic trees and bushes. The park is a protected horticultural monument with an artificial lake from the 19th century. Hunting and fishing tourism is well developed in Našice region, due to its geographical position and the beauty of Našice region, in which a typical Slavonian plain meets hilly slopes of Krndija Mountain.

What else you can see in Našice and the surrounding countryside

You should definitely visit the following:

  • A fishpond located only 10 km from the city centre that was created by Counts Pejačević 99 years ago. This kingdom of reeds and other aquatic plants is home to many bird species – omnipresent ducks, divers, cormorants, warblers, tits etc. Catching 20 kg catfish or 10 kg carp is not uncommon.
  • Many visitors will rekindle their imagination by visiting the village of Martin, located only 3 km from the city centre and which was inhabited by crusaders, who built the Romanesque church of St. Martin in the 13th century, which is the only completely preserved Templar church in Croatia.
  • A Zoo Park owned by Bizik family, which is home to many exotic and domestic animals.
  • You can enjoy the nature surrounding the accumulation Lake Lapovac near Našice. If you visit Našice during warm seasons, you can even go for a swim in the lake. The lake is located only 3 km from the city centre.
  • We invite you to spend a weekend or a business congress in Našice or just advise teachers to take your children for a weekend in Našice, in our beautiful Hotel Park with its polite staff and a great gastronomical offer.

If you are just passing by, we invite you to visit the Pejačević Mansion and the surrounding park and take a brief rest in the gazebo near the pavilion once used by Countess Dora. If you decide to spend a weekend in Našice or if you are here on a business trip, you can spend some time on the local sport grounds.


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